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How Our Products Can Help Boost Ashwagandha's Effects

How Our Products Can Help Boost Ashwagandha's Effects

  • Elisabeth Leon

Research shows that an estimated 77% of people in the US take a minimum of one supplement. If this sounds like you, then you might be looking for the best women's supplements to boost the effects of ashwagandha. 

Supplements may improve your overall health and might manage various health conditions. However, you should always talk to your physician before starting any new type of medication, even over-the-counter ones. 

Are you interested in using ashwagandha and want to know how Prana's supplements boost its effects? Then be sure to keep reading this helpful guide. 

Relieves Stress

One of ashwaganda's main benefits is that it may reduce stress. Since it's considered an adaptogen, it may even help you manage stress better.  

Super Power Mom is an incredible supplement that, like ashwagandha, works to energize and restore your system. When your body is detoxed, you may find it easier to tackle whatever life throws your way.

Even better, Super Power Mom consists of four strong supplements that offer a full body cleanse. It's lactose, gluten, and sugar-free, making it versatile among women's supplements. 

High stress may accompany poor nutrition, making the right blend of supplements essential for any woman interested in healthy living. Prana's natural supplements help to provide you with a healthy gut so our wholesome ingredients and nutrients can be best absorbed by your body.  

Weight Management

Ashwagandha may help women looking to lose weight due to its natural antioxidants. Ashwagandha benefits those looking to burn fat, while its antimicrobial properties work to help your immune system stay healthy. This helps you feel your best so you can stick to your diet.

Ashwagandha may also lower cortisol levels in the body. High levels of cortisol levels within the body may lead to heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. 

Our Acai Detox can promote a healthy colon while working to help your body cleanse itself of toxins. It also works to control your appetite, helping with weight loss. 

When taking Acai Detox, you may also benefit from a boost in energy, improved cholesterol levels, and a potential boost in brain function. It's also thought that ashwagandha may promote healthy brain function, making these two a power duo.

Acai Detox may have potential anti-cancer effects and is thought to improve your immune system, promote healthy skin, and support a healthy heart.  

Reduced Inflammation

Ashwagandha may help to reduce inflammation within your body. When you reduce inflammation within the body, you can lower your cortisol levels, improve your memory, and possibly reduce the incidence of heart disease and obesity. 

Prana's supplements can also help to support heart health, similar to ashwagandha. Our Premium Probiotic may also boost your immune health, may help with weight loss, and can work to boost your digestive health. 

The Best Women's Supplements

Prana offers the best women's supplements. Our products may boost the effects of ashwagandha and may assist with weight loss and weight management while promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

No matter what types of supplements you're in search of, Prana can help. Check out our complete line of supplements today.