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About Us

"improving health to promote a good life"

prana is a sanscrit word that means “live energy” or “vital energy”

 At Prana Supplements, our mission is to give women and mothers an improved quality of life with sugar-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free that are designed to support their busy lifestyles. The power within all of us is increased when we feel our best, and when we give our bodies the proper nutrition to support ourselves and our families. Prana Supplements is a brand focused on using only the finest quality of natural ingredients to create powerful blends of herbs, vitamins, and minerals that promote optimal health and holistic wellness.


Premium Quality Certifications

Prana Supplements is a brand you can trust. Our products are 100% natural, and made in the USA. They are 3rd party lab-tested to meet or exceed the most stringent FDA standards, and we use only the highest quality of premium ingredients that are sourced directly in the USA.


Our Story

Hello! We are Eli and JM, founders of Prana Supplements. As busy professionals and devoted parents, we often find it difficult to think about ourselves when we are focused on meeting the needs and demands of others in our lives. And it is even more challenging to find time to learn about nutrition, supplements, or the right mix of vitamins to take to support your body’s unique needs. Just as many other parents have done, we have tried many different supplements that didn’t work the way we expected, and we knew there had to be a better way to get the quality nutrition and maximum energy we needed. This was our motivation and inspiration behind creating Prana Supplements. Our products are specially formulated to give our customer’s a full body cleanse and detox, which ultimately prepares the body to absorb the nutrients needed to achieve the best possible health. The Prana Supplements mission is to offer natural supplements that will help to alleviate the stress of busy moms and professionals, providing the energy they need and the reduced anxiety they desire.